This is a Handbag Post

I’ll start with this:


How adorable is this bag? The OTT print, the unapologetic use of dummy text, the overwhelming pinkness… it’s my new favourite. It’s also a testament to how well my mother knows me, because it was actually she who spotted it while out shopping in Coleraine and decided to pick it up, knowing it was just my cup of tea. Thanks, mum!

I went shopping with a good friend today. This friend has been very supportive of my bid to improve and revitalise my dreary ex-heifer wardrobe and symbolically escape my dark winter funk (another story for another day). Spending money is her crack and today, she was ready to show me the world. So began a long day of mutual enablement. Apparently there’s a bit of a handbag bug in the air, because she treated herself to a nice new bag from River Island while we were out and about (pom pom not included!):


First of all, can I just say how much I love the current trend of attaching pom poms to everything? You can’t have too many pom poms, in my opinion. Not ever. Feel free to prove me wrong, but I really don’t think you’ll be able to. Pom poms are in fashion. It is my time to shine.


I have a pink one.

Unfortunately today’s trip did not turn out to be the fabulous shopping bonanza that I was expecting. I did not swan gracefully from store to store, Ray-Bans perched daintily on my head, laden with enough shopping bags to take up the entire street as I giggled with my equally fashionable galpal as we contemplated our next painfully on-trend purchases. I did buy three pairs of socks, though – the ones with the little frilly bits at the top. I imagine that come summer I’ll wear them with skirts and dresses and my white tennis shoes and I’m sure I’ll look adorable and not a bit like an eight-year-old with kankles.

The main thing is we had fun.

What about you? Have you ever ventured out for a whole new you and come home with socks? Let me know!



2 thoughts on “This is a Handbag Post

  1. I used to exclusively buy socks when I was shopping. A ‘designer’ pair of topshop socks at £4 was a treat that I could afford as a teenager. If I’d curtailed it I could have saved up and bought something better but I didn’t have the foresight. Also I know who this is behind the handbag without you saying so… Emma the top of your head is so recognisable, I don’t know anyone else with hair this perfectly unfrizzy!

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