Mad March Days

We’ve been having some absolutely beautiful days in Belfast this past week. We were particularly fortunate on St. Patrick’s day. It was so mild that I went out in the evening in a knee-length dress and didn’t need a coat!

What did I do on St. Patrick’s day? I’m sad to say that it was very dull. I went to work as usual, and enjoyed the buzz that the bank holiday always generates around Titanic Quarter. The footfall in the area always picks up in a massive way during bank holidays, and there’s always a palpable change in the atmosphere. In the evening I played at a fundraiser alongside my friend Ryan (we have a soundcloud together here) and a pal of ours called Nancy. The effort was to raise a bit of money towards a kitchen for our church and there was time for music, testimony and food. I’m a  bit shy, so I was expecting to feel awkward and a bit lost when I wasn’t busy singing, but I actually had a lovely night. The food was great, our pastor gave an amazing talk, and our hosts had a beautiful home. I got to know a few people that I’d never really spoken to before as well. Overall, a lovely – but I’m afraid quite quiet – St. Patrick’s day.

It came up fast, didn’t it? Easter’s next week, and summer will be on us before we know it. I want to feel encouraged to stick to my healthy eating and exercise routine so I can look cute in all of my summer dresses, when honestly all I want right now, is, well…


What about you? How was your St. Patrick’s Day? Have you got any plans for the summer? Let me know!



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