Restaurant – am:pm, Belfast

On Saturday night, Emma and I took our mothers to am:pm on Arthur Street in Belfast. This was actually our Mothers’ Day gift to them!


I have to say, the aesthetic of this place is right up my alley. I love a bit of OTT, kitschy goodness, and boy did this place serve it up!



It wasn’t too busy the night we popped in, but I can see it being pretty uncomfortable when the place is crowded. A lot of the tables, especially in the back room of the restaurant, seem pretty crammed together, but where we were seated was absolutely fine. The walkways are fairly wide, however, so if you’re a wheelchair user I don’t see there being a tonne of obstructions. They also have an accessible toilet. I would let staff know in advance if you need a table with a bit more space to maneuver, however, especially if you can and would prefer to transfer on to one of the restaurant seats. Like I said, a lot of the tables themselves are pretty tight together.

Our waiter (I’m sorry to say I didn’t get his name but he sounded as if he might have been possibly French) was lovely and very attentive. He made us feel super welcome, always had a smile on his face, and our drink orders were taken right away.

The menu has a ton of variety, although if you happen to be vegetarian you might find you’re sort of limited to risotto and pasta and vegans will have even less choice. It might be worth calling ahead to see if the chef will make something off the menu for you if none of those meat free options work for you. A lot of places in Belfast have done this for Emma’s sister and I’m sure these guys would be no different.

Emma and her mum don’t drink, so they availed of the alcohol-free cocktail menu. They particularly recommended the virgin apple mojito, and it looked amazing to be fair! If you’re not a big drinker, there are plenty of options for you, and from previous visits to am:pm I can absolutely recommend their standard cocktails (I was due to be up early on Sunday morning, so this weekend I opted not to drink). The English Garden in particular is really refreshing and not too sugary.

My mum and I ordered the lamb dish from the evening menu, and Emma and her mum got the salmon. My mum’s lamb, unfortunately, arrived overcooked and really hard to cut. She can be a bit shy about sending food back, but our waiter was really great about it and reassured her that he would be delighted to get her anything from the menu to replace it (he didn’t charge for her main at all). She opted for the salmon. It came out piping hot and perfectly cooked, and she thoroughly enjoyed it. Our waiter also brought her a free glass of champagne as an apology!

Dessert was fab. They were all out of the white chocolate cheesecake, but there were plenty of other options. Emma and her mum got the genoise sponge cake, and that thing was the size of my hand!  I am reliably informed that it was light, fluffy, and the cream had just the right amount of sweetness. My chocolate brownie was unbelievable, like, melt-in-your-mouth good, and my mum satisfied her sweet tooth with the knickerbocker glory.


Even after we got our bill at about nine thirty, there was absolutely no pressure on us to leave, since it wasn’t  busy that night, so we chatted a bit more and finished our drinks before heading home. Despite the little hiccup with my mum’s main, our mothers had a lovely night and were treated wonderfully. I’d give it a solid 8 out of ten, and the best thing about the night was the attentive and friendly service. If you’ve been considering whether or not to head here for a meal sometime, I hoped this helped!

What about you? Been to any nice restaurants lately? Let me know!


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