Remembering Someone Special

There was no update last weekend, as I’m sure absolutely nobody noticed. This was because we were busy getting ready to say goodbye to someone very special.


On Friday the 8th of April, my husband’s granny passed away. After a good few years of illness and several months of extremely poor health, she went very peacefully with my mother in law at her side.

It went without saying that my husband was devastated. He and his brother were always very close to their grandparents, even going away on trips abroad with them without their own mum and dad there. I know Dave took his grandfather’s passing really hard when we were teenagers, and this was no different. The main bright spot, I guess, is that they’re not without each other now. Anna was a woman of faith, and had made her peace by the end. For that we were grateful.

The funeral was on the 5th, and honestly I learned a few things about her that I didn’t know before. For example, I didn’t realise that she’d owned her own business during the sixties. I also didn’t realise just how many places she and her husband had traveled to. There were, however, a lot of things I knew that were very much reflected in what I saw and heard in the few days following her death up until her service on Tuesday: that she was extremely loving and kind; that she was a witty, good humoured woman; and just how far her influence had reached during her life. My mother-in-law’s house was never without a visitor offering their condolences and keen to share their fondest memories of Anna. There was a worry that they wouldn’t have enough orders of service for all the people who wanted to come and say goodbye. In the local paper’s obituaries section, so many people wrote to share a thought for her that Anna took up nearly a column to herself.

She got a beautiful day on Tuesday. After several miserable days, the sun came out for her. Today would have been her eighty eighth birthday, and again the rain took a hike for a few hours. We couldn’t have asked for much better at this time of year, really.



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