Markets and Cake

It’s been a while, right?

Sorry, blog. I promise I still love you. I’ve just had a couple of very uneventful weekends and didn’t really have much to talk about!

Not so much this past Saturday, when I went for a wee jaunt round St. George’s Market with my usual partner in crime Emma. I haven’t been to the market in a good few years, and I’d forgotten how enjoyable it is. There’s a continental market that comes to Belfast every Christmas, but honestly I prefer St. George’s. It’s a permanent market, for one thing, so people don’t feel the need to flock to it before it closes and so it’s not heaving with people. I find that a lot of the continental market’s stalls are kind of same-y, and I also just kind of love the atmosphere of St. George’s Market.

Most of the back of the room is reserved for food (both takeaway ready-to-eat food as well as fish and meat), but you’ll find plenty of jewellery, accessories, homeware and general knick-knacks towards the front. Emma found her first buy pretty much immediately in the form of a new ring. Emma has an allergy to nickel. She also isn’t a big fan of plated jewellery because the plating tends to come off eventually and she gets exposed to the metal underneath anyway. It’s worth mentioning that a lot of stalls at St. George’s sell real gold and Sterling silver jewellery. She was torn between these two beauties, but eventually went for the more subtle black one:

I’m no jewellery expert, so I can’t tell you much more about the stones, but she could write you a book on them!

I started my Christmas shopping but didn’t buy myself anything, so sadly I cant post much about what I bought! The most interesting stall I saw there, though, was one for Steampunk Ireland, which did really amazing steampunk style jewellery, accessories and cufflinks. They also do bespoke wedding packages! More info on them can be found on their Facebook.

Well, that’s a lie. There’s a curry stand along the left-hand wall that sells low-fat curries and stew, so I may have gone in for a wee Slimming World friendly korma. Usually I find slimming world recipes disgusting, but at only three sins it tasted suspiciously bad for me. Still, not complaining!

Another thing I loved was the live music being performed in the center of the room. I didn’t take any photographs or videos of the guys playing, firstly because I didn’t have their permission and secondly because one of them had their child with them and he would have ended up in the photo too. They were fab though, and really added to the atmosphere.

The market closed at three, so we headed on for a cup of tea at a lovely little café on the Lisburn Road called Miel et Moi:


I assume you’ve heard of it because when we arrived the majority of Ireland’s population was in there and we had to wait approximately seven hundred and forty eight years to get a table. Totally worth it, though. We stopped in for tea and cake, but the breakfast menu and the cocktail list looked pretty amazing, too. I kind of wish I’d photographed them, now, actually. Emma got a strawberry and rosewater gateau and I went for a chocolate and coffee gateau!

Stay jealous.

Emma tells me her cake was amazing, but honestly, as much as I liked the chocolate and coffee gateau, I probably wouldn’t order it again as it was a bit stiff and dry-ish. Tasted amazing, but the texture was a little bit off. The tea they serve there is Suki Tea, though, which always gets you brownie points! All in all, it was a really lovely day out and I’ve really missed spending time with my bestie. ❤

What about you? What have you been up to since I so cruelly abandoned you a few weeks ago? Let me know!


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