Hotel Trip – Galgorm!

My husband recently got a new job and left his Tesco management days behind him. On his leaving day, his colleagues very generously gave him a gift voucher for the very posh Galgorm Resort and Spa (thank you again, Dave’s Tesco friends)! We decided to use this last Sunday, going for an overnight stay package. I’d been to stay in this hotel once before and absolutely loved it, so my expectations were pretty high. Dave, having never visited, wasn’t too sure what to expect.


Try to ignore the mess in the bottom left corner made by me!

The room was clean, spacious and had a lovely warm atmosphere. There was plenty of information left for us to read about the local area and what was on offer at the hotel in terms of spa treatments and room service. There was also further information, along with instructions for gaining WiFi access, on the room’s insanely huge television. However, we didn’t waste too much time in the room, since he had a thermal village to visit! Suit up!


Fantastic selfie game there on my part, not blurred or anything. Good job!

I didn’t bring my phone down to the thermal village, mostly because I didn’t want to look like some weird creep taking pictures in an area where everyone was hanging around in their swimsuits. I only got one shot of the thermal village from our hotel room:


Trust me, it was amazing. The place is enormous. I was only able to do maybe half of what was on offer in the thermal village as I’m pregnant (more on that another time) and am supposed to stay away from hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms and etc., but I still got several hours’ enjoyment out of the place and there was plenty for me to do there. I spent time in the heated outdoor pool, reading my book on the water beds, stepping briefly into (and scurrying straight back out of) the snow cabin, and using the snail shower.

A snail shower, it turns out, does not coat you in any sort of goo in the manner of a very upmarket episode of Funhouse, which is what I imagined when I saw it referenced in the brochure; it just refers to how the shower is shaped. I am not posh, so to me it was simply known as The Curly Shower. Try different buttons in this shower and it will simulate a variety of weather conditions for you, sound effects included! My childish self was delighted. Tropical Storm was my favourite.

I went back upstairs a bit earlier than Dave since I fancied a bath before dinner. Did I mention that even the bathrooms in this place are huge? They’re huge. And somehow I still managed to cover most of the floor’s square footage with water while I bumbled about running my bath and getting changed after. I’m basically the worst and I’m sorry to all housekeeping staff ever. It was a lovely bath, though?


Awwww yis.

While we pottered about getting ready for dinner, we put a film on the comically large television and made use of the minibar (Pepsi Max for me but even the beer in our room that Dave had was complimentary). As I am A Grown Up, I forgot to pack the shoes that went with the dress I’d packed for dinner, so guess who wore gutties with their pretty maxi dress? Yep, this asshole.

Seated in Gillie’s restaurant (a huge restaurant with a lovely, warm atmosphere that gives off the vibe of a posh-yet-homely rural pub) and with my offensively-dressed feet firmly ensconced under a table, I joined Dave in ordering a starter. I’m a bit of a nightmare when it comes to starters as I don’t like salads, mayo-based sauces, or cold savoury food, so I was pretty pleased to find something I could enjoy from the starter menu that wasn’t soup. Get a load of this bang bang chicken:


You can also order this as a main, which I might do next time because it was fantastic. The batter on the chicken wasn’t super heavy and peppers were really crunchy and full of flavour.

My main was grilled chicken with peppers, onions, chorizo, and baby new potatoes with a tangy tomato-y sauce, which sounds duller than it actually was. I forgot to take a picture of it, too! It was really tasty, though.

Also, can I just draw attention to this dessert:


That is raspberry sorbet with coconut ice cream on top of white chocolate and coconut mousse. You’re welcome.

We had a lovely server throughout, too. A real down-to-earth, no-nonsense lady who delivered great and efficient service without hovering or interrupting us too much, which I appreciate at restaurants. I always feel a bit awkward when I get asked eighteen times throughout a meal if everything’s okay.

We spent some time in the bar near the reception before heading back to our room to find that the turn down service had been.


Awk look at the wee mints on the pillow!

The bed was ridiculously comfortable, although Dave felt the pillows had a bit too much give for him. I never sleep well in a new place, though, so I woke up several times during the night and couldn’t help but notice the pleasant sound of the river outside our window. By the time morning came and the spa was open, we were also able to hear the soft strains of music coming from the thermal village.

Breakfast was in the River Room, where it felt altogether too fancy to be caught out taking photos of my food.

Most of the menu included soft-poached eggs or some sort of smoked fish, so I unfortunately had to rule out a lot of options as I didn’t want to be the savage who asked for hard-poached egg. I did get scrambled eggs on toast though, which was lovely. Dave’s eggs benedict looked pretty amazing too.

We checked out at 11am and hit the road, having had an absolutely amazing twenty four hours of pretending to be posh, and feeling a little sad to be getting back to porridge. We were home and unpacked by twelve, at which point I proceeded to nap for five hours. All that relaxing can really take it out of you, I guess!


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