Pink Hair, Three Ways

If you know me well, you’ll know I’ve been coveting that lovely “rose gold” hair colour that’s been floating around the internet lately. Now that I’ve had my baby and gotten back into a somewhat normal routine, I decided to give it a go at last.

I thought I’d try a couple of different brands of toners and dyes. My hair doesn’t take these kinds of colours very easily, so I was aware that this might not actually work for me, but I decided I’d have a few goes before giving up.

For reference, this is me with my normal hair colour:


So it’s kind of a mid-light blonde.

My first attempt was to go a bit literal. I used an actual Rose Blonde toner from colour freedom.


According to instructions, you have to apply the toner to shampooed, towel-dried hair. The toner also acts as a conditioner.

I wrapped this in cling film to keep the heat in and left this on for over an hour, knowing how terrible my hair is at taking dye. Gave the kid a bath, ate dinner, etc. When I washed it out, well…


It speaks for itself. No real change in my hair. Not particularly impressed with this, although my hair feels really silky I guess, so… it’s a good conditioner? Other than that, pretty useless. Luckily, at £4.66 I didn’t waste too much money on it.

Okay, so a rose blonde toner wasn’t going to work for me. I decided that since my hair doesn’t seem too keen on taking colour well, maybe using and actual pink shade would get me what I was looking for. Next, I tried Schwartzkopf Live pastel spray in Cotton Candy.  I actually had no idea that this even existed until a few weeks ago when I stumbled on it in Boots.LIVE-Pastel-Spray-Cotton-Candy-3D-RF-0040817It claims to last three washes, so I wondered what the fade on it was like. For this spray, you apply to wet hair, then blowdry and style as normal. This one was really quick to apply, but seriously messy. If I use it again I’ll probably apply it inside the shower cubicle and just rinse it off that way. As it was I ended up cleaning the walls of my bathroom after I was done with this stuff. Anyway, this was the result:

IMG_20170409_180725_001I really like this, but it wasn’t what I was looking for in the sense that it’s a true pink. That said, the spray itself doesn’t claim to be the “rose gold” shade I was looking for, so nothing against it there. It can feel a little product-y on your hair though, almost like there’s hairspray in it, so watch out for that and make sure you blot properly before blow-drying. Also, it definitely doesn’t last three washes. It was out in one, no fade at all. It’s only £3.29, so if you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful change to your hair for a night out or a festival, this is a good bet.

I went for Bleach London Rosé next:

IMG_20170409_151354021Bleach London dyes are £5.00 for a bottle. This is an actual hair dye, so I hoped maybe I’d have some luck this time around, with none of the residue of the Schwartzkopf spray. It’s applied in much the same way as the toner – shampoo, towel-dry, apply, rinse. It also smells nice and flowery on application. Knowing what my hair can be like, despite the instructions recommending fifteen minutes to develop, I left this on for half an hour.

Well, if you want PINK pink, then yes, half an hour:

IMG_20170409_171641So this dye REALLY works. But this was so not what I was going for. This was it on Sunday, and if I’m honest I really disliked this on me. It’s quite a dark pink on most of my hair, and as dye tends to take better on lighter blonde it made my whole hair look dark. This one was kind of on me, though, as I didn’t follow the instructions.

I wash my hair daily (I know, I know, bad Nicky). By Tuesday my hair looked like this:


And bingo!! This is exactly what I was going for (and to be honest, is probably what I would have gotten had I left the dye on for the correct amount of time). Despite the poor choice of lipstick in this photo, I absolutely love this look. I really, really didn’t want it to fade – in fact, I’d have this hair forever if I could. In order to keep it this shade, I used Bleach London’s Rosé shampoo and conditioner. These are colour-depositing products that cleans and soften your hair while maintaining your Rosé shade. They actually work, which I’m glad about, as my hair gets oily really quickly.

I think if you’re going for that rose blonde shade that people are doing this weather, your best bet is probably the Bleach London and FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS. It might take some trial and error to get the shade exactly right for your hair type, but give it a go. On lighter blonde hair you might even be fine just using the shampoo and conditioner and building the colour up over a few washes. The shampoo and conditioner are £6.00 each, but you don’t need tonnes, and to be honest once you have the shade you like, using a normal colour protect shampoo and conditioner every other wash should be okay. It worked for me, and as I’ve mentioned several times (not that I’m bitter), my hair really doesn’t like dye!

So, long story short, I love my new hair, I’m probably going to try some of the other Bleach London shades, and for the love of God, follow the instructions and you’ll get some gorgeous results!

What about you? Got any cute and funky hair colours to show me? Let me know!


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